/40,000 Unique M&A Press Announcements at Your Fingertips

40,000 Unique M&A Press Announcements at Your Fingertips

Keyword search (in real-time), more than 40k unique M&A press announcements.

A year and a half-ago, when researching new transactions, rather than just collect the source link of the M&A press release when adding to the Mergr database, we began extracting the contents of each announcement as well.

It’s a rather painstaking process but considering links change, fail, or disappear (eventually), we thought it worth the effort to preserve the articles.

Considering how rich in content these announcements are, we also built a separate, dedicated search experience where users can easily keyword search historical deals that might be relevant for a client or project, but impossible to uncover through other means. Think of the search experience as Google + M&A.

Today we’re happy to announce that this database has grown to 40k unique articles to search from (we started with 27k at launch).

If you’d like to try the feature for yourself, you can easily do so by signing-up for a Free Trial.

Just click on the M&A Article Article Search module once logged in.

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